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Change of FitCamp Status


WOTY 2020: Leisure
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March 16th has come and gone, and FitCamp has been changed to a paid service (you can see the offerings here and here). I have sent an email to those who were receiving Free FitCamp as per the agreement with the purchase of The First Step along with those that came over from HTA during the relocation period.

I wish I could have kept it free! Alas, bills for the site need to be paid. You can help us support you by supporting the site, and if you care to upgrade to the FitCamp feature, you can use this link.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using this link.

Thank you!

ETA: If you didn't get the eMail, please first check your spam/junk folders, and then if you still didn't, please contact me.
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The Bod Squad
WORTH IT!!! You have been super generous in giving everyone an opportunity to try FitCamp for free - well worth the small fee for all your expertise!!
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The Bod Squad
It is well worth it. It helps so much to be accountable every day and have a special place to post...even in those times you aren't particularly following any plan - like me right now.