As one of the founders of the Happily Thinner After website, Biz has helped numerous people in reaching and successfully maintaining their weight goals.  Her expertise in the Dr. A.T.W. Simeons method of weight loss (The hCG Protocol, described in his book Pounds and Inches) has proven instrumental in her educating and assisting individuals apply and successfully utilize this system. Biz’s extensive research led her to design and create many tools and methods making the weight loss plan fit easily into anyone’s lifestyle. Various sources of this help are available through her personally sculpted Boot Camp program portion of Happily Thinner After and coaching programs such as The Bod Squad and The Bod Squad Lite.

While Dr. Simeon’s Pounds and Inches is foundational to her weight loss program, she has taken her research beyond weight loss and to the vitally important and highly successful maintenance program.  Her methods have also proven successful in helping clients adjusting nutrition or maintaining weight loss using other weight loss systems. Biz’s vast experience of coaching a variety of clients, understanding different body types, aiding them through life’s challenges has been key in clients achieving and maintaining their lifelong goals.