Holiday Recovery Guide

Holiday Recovery Guide HTA has been hard at work on a special tool to help you recovery from those moments of over-indulgence. This tool comes in the form of an eBook. But this is no ordinary eBook. In it contains a true “holy grail” of recovery help and tactics to not only help your body get on the right track, but an equal share of encouragement and excitement to heal the mind. This eBook represents over two years of detailed research into all aspects of physical and mental health.

Some important highlights-

  • 39 page step by step guide to recovering from over-indulgence in food and drink
  • Stringent 3-day course and additional recovery days covered
  • Complete menu for each meal and snacks
  • Complete shopping list for 3-day regimen
  • Detailed recipes for each meal as needed
  • Mental and physical tactics for a successful recovery
  • Additional research and reading included (via links)
  • Over two years in the making
  • Goes beyond merely what to eat
  • Good for extended use
  • Usable anytime (not just the holidays!)

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