Guilt Free Holiday: 7 Strategies for Success

Guilt Free HolidaySometimes, all you need is guidance.  Well, consider that need filled!  Here are 7 Simple Strategies to help you get through the upcoming holiday season.  But wait!  There is MUCH more!!!

This eBook includes:

  • 20 pages of personal help with a great layout, printer friendly, and very easy to read!
  • 7 yummy recipes, complete with calorie and macronutrient counts (with ratios)
  • As an added bonus, there is a link with each recipe to show you the exact counts (FitDay) so that you can add it to your choice of calorie counters.
  • A complete shopping list so that everything is covered!
  • A complete menu for the entire day, which will show you how you can eat variety, eat well, and still make it through a holiday GUILT-FREE!!!
  • Please keep in mind this is for P3 (no sugars or starches in these recipes!!!)

This is so much more than just a menu for a single day – this is a resource, a tool, an idea sprouter.  This will show you that it is indeed possible to have your proverbial cake and eat it too!  ::giggle::

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