EZ Touch Tape Measure

EZ Touch Tape MeasureCustom imprinted with the HTA Logo to help you remember your goals to thinness!!!

Non-Stretch Fiberglas Fabric 1/2 inch wide Retractable tape for taking Accurate Body Circumference and Linear measurements.

  • Measures any body part: arm, thigh, calf, chest, waist, hips, and more!
  • Stylish design helps with ease of measurement!
  • Sturdy vinyl tape makes it long lasting and very simple to use!
  • Push-button retraction and locking feature ensure snug measurement and superior accuracy!
  • Measures up to 80 inches in length

How to Use:

  • Pull the end of the tape around any body part that you want to measure (pressing the button in the center will make it easier to pull)
  • Place the rod at the end of the tape into the circular slot
  • Press the button in the center and let the tape retract to a snug fit
  • Watch your improvement!

1-2$7.95 each
3-5$7.45 each
6-10$6.95 each

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$7.95 each
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