Good Food Hunting

Looking for a genuinely healthy change in your life?  Are you seeking out a great way to maintain your weight after all the discipline and effort you put into getting to this point?  Look and seek no further!

Good Food Hunting is a premier “kick start” program designed to get and keep you healthy, maintain a healthy weight, and have fun the whole while doing it!  This two volume eBook set (single PDF file) has everything you need to get started on the High Fat method of healthy eating.

Part One: A Careful Examination

The first volume of this program represents over five years of research, testing, and some food experimentation to bring facts to the table to support a high fat diet.  It is presented in a question and answer form and includes charts and diagrams, hyperlinks to important online studies, and a rich explanation of the history and science of both low-fat and High Fat diets.

  • Over 50 pages of easy to understand details
  • Complete explanation of good and bad fats
  • Learn why low fat eating doesn’t work
  • Examine the history behind low-fat and what made it popular
  • Meet the pioneers of healthy dieting
  • Explore various methods of fat and protein dieting
  • Learn why High Fat DOES work and how it can benefit you
  • Discover how to arrive at macro-nutrient ratios that work for you

This concise eBook will take you on the roller-coaster ride that started the decline of our health, as well as show a new and exciting way to get BACK to healthy eating!  It explores modern science, personal experience, and common sense to formulate methods that can work for anyone.

Part Two: Menu & Recipe Guide

The second volume of this program is truly the icing on the cake!  Head Coach Biz has worked with her coaches to pull together over 125 of the best High Fat recipes you can imagine.  If this weren’t enough, there is a complete guide to how it works, help in understanding the rules of how the recipes work together, and perhaps most importantly, a four week COMPLETE menu guide.

  • Over 200 pages of Menus, Guides, Help, and Recipes
  • Includes four weeks of COMPLETE daily menus with minimal repetition
  • Offers complete shopping lists for each week
  • Detailed Pantry list of foods always needed on hand
  • Extensive rules for understanding High Fat recipes (so you can make your own)
  • Over 125 recipes to get you started on the program
  • Tasty, healthy recipes
  • FREE Membership to the Good Food Hunting Tribe – a community based support system!!!  You will receive full support from, and access to, others like yourself who are committed to making positive changes to their own weight control.  As alumni of the Good Food Hunting Tribe, you will get access to that special forum indefinitely.  This is where you can share your success, get help when you face a challenge, and feel the energy of a group of people who understand what it is you are doing!  And don’t be surprised if you find Biz joining in on the fun!!!

Full of everything you need to understand High Fat eating and get started on a NEW healthy way of eating and lifestyle Good Food Hunting is the next step in our Healthy Eating Revolution!  For the price of a week’s worth of Lean Cuisines or unhealthy “drive-thru’s” for lunch, you can begin a course of truly healthy eating, and best of all: we hold your hand through the first four weeks!

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