hCG Success: Dede

Dede 250x175Biz’s coaching advice and friendship are priceless!!!

What was it like before you used Biz’s One-on-One coaching services?

Before the one-on-one I struggled a bit. For me, the accountability of having to email or check in daily really helped me stay on track!

What has it been like working one-on-one with Biz?

REALLY? It’s been FREAKIN’ amazing!  It’s like having your mentor, best friend there right by my side..DAILY! I especially like the non-judgmental responses..and how she gets to the bottom of everything!

Do you have specific results from working with Biz?

Yeah..getting back down to goal (I will get there this round!) or close to it…and feeling settled…for example, if I screw up, I now have  the tools to fix it, and get back to center!

Would you recommend Biz to others?

HELL YA!!! Her coaching advice and friendship are priceless!!!

ETA October 11, 2012: 

Happily Thinner After and The hCG Shop is proud to present our 2nd Recorded Interview!

We ran the testimonial from Dede last week, however the recorded interview wasn’t ready before publishing the newsletter.

Happy to say it’s ready now, and we have to tell you, it was worth the wait!

Let Dede tell you in her own words:

  • How long she has been associated with The hCG Protocol.  This includes a funny story on how long she has known Biz!
  • How despite have a rigorous and demanding physical schedule, she managed to complete rounds on hCG.
  • How she picked herself up and dusted herself off after a short relapse, knowing that support was the only way.
  • How she was one of Biz’s very first guinea pigs on using clean fats on hCG!

Find the interview here!

Biz starts a new cycle the first Monday of every month.  You can always get more information and an application by clicking here.

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