hCG Success: Charann

Biz is an amazing source of information!

I’ve done the protocol several times.  I do fantastically in P2, but have struggled each time on P3 and P4.  Although I’m still 25 pounds less than my original weight, I’ve gained the same 10-15 pounds back over & over again.  It’s been frustrating, to say the least!  During my last P2, I realized I had 3 weddings, several birthdays, a week long family trip to Disney and Christmas in the next 6 months.  No time to be on the protocol … that left *gasp* maintenance!!  ~shudder~   I knew I needed to do something or gain back that 15 pounds again……that’s when I decided to have Biz coach me!

Biz is an amazing source of information!  No matter what problem crops up, she always has the answer.  She’s easy to work with and fun to deal with.  Biz has given me the tools to be able to stay within 3 lbs of my LIW for over 100 days while eating between 1800 & 2000 calories! Truthfully, it doesn’t get much better than that!!   If you have maintenance problems … Biz is the coach for you!

I’ve chosen to maintain on my own for a while, just to see how I can do.  With the tools Biz has given me, it is much easier than before to keep within my weight limit!  After the New Year, I plan to use the protocol to get down to my ideal weight and then maintain for life.  During that time, I hope to be coached by Biz because she makes it so easy.

Charann H
Former Bod Squad Member

Biz starts a new cycle the first Monday of every month.  You can always get more information and an application by clicking here.

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