The Mind Body Spirit Connection – Part 3: Vibration

I’m picking up good vibrations. ~ The Beach Boys

I hope you now have that song stuck in your head; it might just help you get through this article.  ::giggle::

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed energy … in Part 2, frequency, and now moving on to vibration.

I am having fun with this series as it’s forcing me to really dive deep research-wise.  Over my 50 plus years on this earth, I have come to understand a few things. However, when asked to explain them, I can sometimes get a little tripped up. Through researching and writing these articles, it’s helping me grasp an easier way to explain the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection.  My hope is it is doing the same for you.


What is vibration anyway?  In simple terms, it is the rapid back and forth or up and down movement disturbing a point of equilibrium. For example, a guitar string plucked producing a musical tone, or our cell phone vibrating. It has to do with the transmission of energy.

In Part 1 of this series, we established that everything is energy. It can be measured and the effects can be seen.  In addition, energy contains massive amounts of information (data) and it uses vibration to exchange that information. This information is transmitted in wave forms (vibrations), and these waves are measured using frequency.

The closer the waves are the higher the frequency — the further apart the lower the frequencies.

You may have heard phrases like … “Dang, he really has a negative vibe,” or “This place has amazing energy” … and even, “I’m, picking up good vibrations, she’s giving me excitations.”  When we really consider the nitty gritty behind these expressions, we must admit we have instinctively known energy is everywhere, and it varies in quantity and quality having a dramatic effect in our everyday lives.

Most people call it intuition when experiencing a certain lightness or heaviness when met with certain situations.  I believe instead this is data being transmitted to us via vibrations and we are tuning into that information’s frequency. It is signaling us and tapping into the sum of our whole life experiences and causing us to feel a certain way.

Those vibrations can be either high or low.  High vibrations have been associated with positive qualities and feelings.  Think of love, peace, forgiveness and compassion.  On the other hand, lower vibrations have been associated with darker qualities such as hate, fear, greed and depression.

The trick, therefore, is to find the higher vibration signals in oneself and use them to sync up to other higher vibrations in the world around us. Which in theory, should create a more positive living experience for us.

In the movie Inside Out, it was wonderfully illustrated in order to feel joy, one must know about sadness.   My take on that little life lesson is by experiencing both high and low vibrations in life it helps us truly understand both.

The important thing to remember in all of this is we function optimally at higher vibrations. Thus when we have low vibrations, we should strive to raise them before making any important decisions that can have long lasting effects in our lives.

When I tell my clients “Flip That Switch” … I am asking them to change from a low vibrational frequency to a higher level so they are in a better position to think things through.

How can we raise our vibrations?  Become conscious of our thoughts.  The old saying is, “Thoughts become things, choose the good ones.”  Our thoughts have powerful impacts on how we experience life.  Focus on high vibration emotions like gratitude, patience, or joy and your chances of experiencing those feelings increase dramatically.

What if we are on a very low vibrational cycle?  Another old saying is “Fake it till you make it.”  Pretend you are in a higher vibe state, and chances are, your body will soon follow.

Exercise, meditate, be in nature, eat live food, take action, perform a random act of kindness … these are all things which will help raise our vibrations.  By practicing ones which bring us joy will become habits in due time.

Earlier I briefly mentioned being in sync with other high vibrations, this is called resonance, the focus of the next article.

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