The First Step


ONE is the new Buzz word!

What is One?

ONE is a new weight control program by Biz Buzz.  It is singular. It is complete.  It is a multifaceted plan helping you reach and maintain your weight loss goals.  It creates health routines and eating habits sticking with you for a lifetime. And it begins with The First Step.

What is The First Step?

The First Step is the initial facet of One.

It is a complete reworking of the original HTA Starter Manual.  There are massive improvements and revamping allowing the user to experience, perhaps for the first time in ages, a completely successful round.

It eliminates false starts and dieting restarts.  It can prevent eating routine yo-yoing.  It promotes wellness and confidence in reaching your health goals. And it creates momentum and weight loss stability advancing toward the program’s next step.

The First Step features include:

  • Over 100 Phase 2 Recipes
  • 21 day Short Round Menu Plan (P2 Portion)
  • Complete Pounds and Inches Manuscript by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons
  • The Biz Buzz Nuts and Bolts Adjustments made to The hCG Protocol
  • Illustrated Mixing hCG Tutorials for Dosing
  • Tools for Tracking the Momentous Progress In Your Body
  • Extensive Tips and Tricks Section
  • Free 30 Day FitCamp Membership
  • Comprehensive FAQ Section, Including:
    • Cycling
    • Reshaping
    • Modified Correction Days
    • Supplements and Medications
    • Overcoming Sicknesses
    • Conquering the Nervous Nellies
    • Much, Much More

We are pleased to offer The First Step eBook with 250+ pages, 100+ recipes, and one month FitCamp membership all for the exceptional value of $19.95!

If you are ready to make some life changes and want to engage in a highly effective weight loss plan, The First Step is just the ticket to get you started.

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$19.95 each

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