hCG Success: Debbie S

debbiesI would like to tell you about my journey with hCG … with and without Biz.

First, without Biz … I first purchased hCG from my naturopath in 2008. I was given all the supplies I needed and a small handout with the ‘promise’ that if I followed the hCG Protocol, my body would forever change the way it handles food, but only if I used a healthy diet afterwards.

For $300, I was given that information and then no follow up.

Granted, I lost weight and was happy with the results, but then didn’t know really what a healthy diet looked like that would keep off the weight I lost. So I did another round, and then a few more, losing & gaining, but never going back to my original start weight.

Then I found Biz  🙂

I can’t remember how it happened, most likely a product of looking at other hCG sites.

We have worked together 1:1 for 3 years. Biz has been with me daily, coming with me on holidays and vacations, helping me to stay on track and offering lots of doable advice with pertinent information that applied specifically to me.

Almost 2 years ago I ‘acquired’ a rare illness, no warning, just there it was.  It sidelined me, to say the least. Biz has helped me to deal with it with insight and wise advice and gave me time to deal with it with no pressure to get back on the ‘program ‘, but focusing on what’s important for my health.

At the start of our coaching relationship 3 years ago, Biz suggested going wheat free.  I thought to myself, ‘why not’?  I’ve given up lots of foods I love, I can give this one a try. It was and is one of the wisest things I’ve done for myself.

Thank you Biz!

I would and do recommend Biz to others and often say I wouldn’t have the successes I have had without her.

Biz starts a new cycle the first Monday of any week.  You can always get more information and an application by clicking here.

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