23 Day Injection Kit

23 Day Injection Kit

This is the kit everyone has been asking for!

Introducing the 23 Day Injection Kit!

This kit is perfect for an abbreviated round. But just in case…we go a little further for you!

This is what is included:

  • 30 EASY-TOUCH 1/2cc x 30g x 5/16 Insulin Syringes- Easy Touch brand insulin syringes provide the best combination of quality, comfort, and value. The ultra fine, surgical stainless steel needle of the Easy Touch insulin syringe is coated with a lubricant film for maximum comfort. No “Dead Space” design minimizes waste and makes measuring more precise. Easy to read graduated numbers minimize dosage errors. For sub-cutaneous application. YES…we’re sending you extras…just in case!
  • 30 ml Bacteriostatic Water- Sterile, non-pyrogenic water containing 0.9% benzyl alcohol added as a preservative. Packaged in a 30 ml multi-dose vial.
  • 1 10 ml AMBER Sterile Vial w/Silver Aluminum Seals– Amber 10 ml certified depyrogenated and sterile vials. These sterile vials are Type 1 borosilicate assembled with butyl stoppers and colored aluminum seals. Neck size is 20mm.
  • 30 Alcohol Wipes– Individually packaged, single use 2 ply alcohol pads. Presoaked with 70% Isopropyl alcohol.
  • 1 Large Syringe w/Needle for mixing

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