High Fat Recipes

High Fat RecipesPlease Note:  This eBook was the one that started it all in the High Fat category at Happily Thinner After and The hCG Shop.  We are still offering it for sale, however, please know that there is a new and improved version that you can purchase here.  You can consider this a “starter guide”.  Many of these recipes found there way into the Good Food Hunting, but updated to more reflect the High Fat way of eating.

We are excited and pleased to offer our first online recipe eBook! Much study, work, detail, and testing has gone into this. Not only will you enjoy making these recipes, you will LOVE the end result, and so will your family!

Included is something for everyone and most every occasion from appetizers to main courses to desserts. We even threw in a beverage!

The first in a line of eBooks targeting maintenance.

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