hCG Success: Monica

MonicaThrough Biz’s coaching, I’ve been able to reach my goal and maintain it.

I haven’t often asked for help on protocol. I like to do my own research and I always have the internet available wherever I go, but there are some instances where it really helps to be able to call someone who can just help on the spot. Once I found myself at work on phase 2 and had forgotten my measured and prepared meal at home. I got a hold of Biz, and she was very quick to tell me exactly what to do in order not to deviate. It can be difficult to figure out how to eat out on P2, but she’s always ready with ideas and tips. All I had to do was go and get what she told me to get and I was fine.

She even helped my husband when he was so frustrated with hunger on his 2nd round of P2 that he was about to quit after only his 2nd week! I was totally panicking because I knew that he would probably gain all the weight back if he stopped too soon. I just saw no way to get him to stay on protocol and I was really distraught over it, but there’s something about talking to her that gets me out of panic mode. She told us exactly what to do and he went on to have the best round ever! I’m so thankful to her for that.

Through Biz’s coaching, I’ve been able to reach my goal and maintain it. She keeps me accountable and keeps me on track, and she always has ways I can get back on track if I’ve over indulged.

I think everyone should work with her! I know I wouldn’t have been able to finally reach my goal and maintain it without her guidance.

Monica Young
Former Bod Squad Member

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