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Friends, you and me
You brought another friend
And then there were three
We started our group
Our circle of friends
And like that circle
There is no beginning or end.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Back on September 3, 2013 I hosted a Live Interview with a Bod Squad client, Melody.  “Balance” was the call’s focus word and by the response I have received since that time, this was a much needed topic to consider.

I know that “Balance” seems to be difficult to achieve, especially when you try to do it on your own.  I have tried the whole isolation strategy route as a means to get me to my goals. What I learned was it doesn’t work all that well.

Balance can be realized with ease when you share your desires with other like-minded and objective individuals, while being led by someone who has been there and done it (and lived to talk about it!).

Hi, my name is Biz and I am here to help you!  I coach people helping them permanently conquer their weight loss and life-long maintenance battle.

Over my many years of coaching people on their weight control journey, I have come to realize that actually losing the weight is only 5% of the equation.  The other 95% is keeping the weight off which includes control over much more than just which foods you eat. The major portion of the weight control journey equation is centered on mindsets. Getting a handle on those mindsets, thoughts, choices, and actions is the missing link to lasting weight loss success!

Most of my time coaching has been spent on a 1:1 basis helping individual clients work through these mindsets.  This coaching model has tremendous benefits and has produced awesome results for my clients.

Let’s be fair though, one on one coaching has some drawbacks for certain people.  The main two are time and money.

What if I told you that you could reap some of the one on one coaching benefits in a limited time frame all the while working with a busy lifestyle? AND what if I could also offer that coaching to you at a reduced rate?

It’s true!  Introducing The Bod Squad Lite Program!


This program was developed to offer accountability and support to those who are unable to commit to the 1:1 coaching daily check in requirement.  It is a group-coaching model featuring a coach overseeing your progress throughout the whole program, the added benefit of getting support from others like yourself, and access to a support forum at any time you need it.

You will have the tools and assistance helping you get clear about your goals, dreams, and desires concerning your body (and your mind)!

What tools will you learn from being a member of The Bod Squad Lite program?

You will learn how to:

  • make choices from a place of clarity
  • get “unstuck” from the things that drain you and dis-empower you
  • build a new foundation of self-control
  • no longer live in panic mode
  • live pro-actively instead of re-actively!
  • give food it’s proper place
  • think, live, and act like a slender person
  • develop healthier food choices
  • build strategies to resist “Frankenfoods” once and for all
  • develop healthier relationships with food

What results can you expect by applying the tools  learned from being a member of The Bod Squad Lite program?

  • a new confidence in yourself
  • an ability to drop the weight
  • maintain your weight with ease
  • handle social occasions without fear
  • remain calm in the face of challenges
  • be prepared for any situation

And the best part is, with this program you will have LOTS and LOTS of fun!

What The Bod Squad Program is NOT:

  • This program is not a quick fix.  You will have to take an active role applying the information found in the lessons and exercises in order to make your changes last.  It is going to take hard work and dedication to achieve your goals, and most of all a commitment to yourself. This program is not a magic pill.  I won’t promise you a miraculous 50 pound drop in a month’s time, or that you will be transformed into a perfect example of restraint and composure around food.
  • This program isn’t always about getting a “WOO HOO”.  Although you will get that a lot from your fellow members and your coach. There is actual work that you have to do to empower yourself into the body (mind and spirit) of your dreams.  However, the reward will be HUGE!

What The Bod Squad Program IS:

  • 13 Weekly eMails (3 MONTHS!):  These weekly eMails will contain a plethora of information to help you with your weight control journey and beyond.  They will be a mix of motivation, inspiration, tips and tricks, encouragement and support. They will also contain specific exercises to help you get clear about the body you want and the person you want to BE.  The eMails will also serve as a prompt for your weekly stats check in with me.
  • 6 Q&A Group Calls:  Every other week I will provide a 10-15 minute content call and then open the call to any Q&A that you might have. These calls are worth their weight in gold on their own because they are filled with all kinds of information making it easier for you to get through difficult times.  You will find that you are not alone and that others struggle like you do. By listening to other people share their struggles or challenges you always glean something helping you get through your own personal challenges.  All the calls will be live, so it’s not a pre-packaged, pre-recorded, DIY type of program. Everyone has the opportunity to ask questions or make comments on every call. And if you can’t make it or want to re-listen, the calls will be recorded and available for download
  • Support Forum:  This is where the program can really shine!  You will receive full support from, and access to, others like yourself who are committed to making positive changes to their own weight control. You will have exclusive access to a Bod Squad Lite forum as a means to “mastermind” with people just like you. You can ask questions, share challenges, and clarify things with others. You can share your successes; celebrate others’ successes and feel the energy of a group of people who understand what you are doing. The forum will also serve as a place to ask questions of me in a group setting.
  • Boot Camp:  As a bonus to joining The Bod Squad Lite program, I am offering Boot Camp at NO CHARGE for the 13 week duration! BC is where you can receive daily menu tweaking, advice, and encouragement no matter the phase of your weight control journey.

I am offering all of the above for only $147 (with a $25 discount if you know the special word that was in the last recording here).

I am only accepting 30 clients for this new program and the start date is September 23, 2013. So act fast if you would like to be included in this special program by using the button below.  Your full three months will be September 23, 2013 through December 22, 2013 – perfect timing to receive the help and support you need for the upcoming holiday periods AND get ready for 2014!

If you have any questions, please feel free to use this contact form.

Please Note!
Please be aware that this program does not concentrate on any particular phase of The hCG Protocol, nor does it matter what nutritional plan you are following.  This program focuses on mindsets in relation to your nutritional goals.

8 Comments on Support: The Bod Squad Lite

  1. Marcia DesRosiers says:

    This program sounds amazing!! It gets a WHOO HOO all on it’s own!

    • Biz says:

      Yippee!!! Glad to have you on board Marcia!

  2. Joan Meador says:

    I hope a lot of the ladies take advantage of this. I know I need a boost…a fresh start…whatever you want to call it…and I am looking forward to the program!

    • Biz says:

      So happy to have you on board Joan! It will be FUN!!!

  3. Linda Wilson says:

    I am happy to be back doing this again. I think this will be the extra boost to get me through the holidays! These ladies are great and Biz is wonderful to work with!

    • Biz says:

      I am so happy and grateful now that you are doing this with us Linda! Most awesome!

  4. Michelle Charvat says:

    I am very happy to have joined the Bod Squad Lite program! I’m looking forward to breaking my vicious cycle of losing and regaining weight as a result of my poor coping skills and emotional eating.

    • Biz says:

      YIPPEE!!! Good for you Michelle, awesome to have you on board! It will be a lot of hard work, but with great results!

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