The Mind Body Spirit Connection – Part 1: Energy

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. ~ Nikola Tesla

Note: The Mind Body Spirit Connection is not something easily explained in one article.  I don’t even think a full-length novel could describe the intricacies of how these fundamentals of life react and work with each other.

And what makes it even more difficult is I am by no means an expert!  ::giggle::

My attempt will be to deliver a series of articles over the next several weeks giving us a basic understanding on what this connection is, what it does, and how we can work with it to make our lives a bit better.

I start with the topic of energy and how it relates to our human-ness …


What is it anyway?

Some people would define it as the stuff we need to accomplish various physical actions, such as walking, lifting a glass, heating some water, or powering a television set.

Even though this definition is useful, it really only conveys what energy does; not what it is or even how it behaves.

Energy becomes even more challenging to define when deciphering the wide-ranging topic of everything is energy.


Albert Einstein’s formula basically tells us energy = mass times the speed of light (in a vacuum) squared.  E=mc2 … you know it.

Simplified, this equation says energy (E) and mass/matter (m) are different forms of the same thing.  Under the right conditions, energy can become matter and vice versa.

Indirectly, an explanation of this phenomena was illustrated by Dr. Seuss in his own way with the book The Sneetches.  If you are a Dr. Seuss fan, you will remember how the creatures would pass through a machine changing back and forth between star-bellied sneetches to plain-bellied sneetches.  The number of sneetches never changed; however, the ratio would.

Likewise, with energy and matter, the whole count remains constant. What we experience whether it is the sun on our face or the firmness of another’s hand is really the same thing (energy/matter).

Have I lost you yet?  ::giggle::

I share this for a simple reason … since I believe in Einstein’s theory, then I am certain we are made of this energy/matter.

The deeper science delves into the workings of the universe. It has discovered all things can be expressed as waves of energy.

These waves can be measured and the effects can be seen.  They are a reality just as the wave energy of the electricity we use in our homes each day. And this electricity moves us through life as human beings, or in other words … energy beings.  HA!

In the periodic table (high school flashback), each basic element consists of this energy.  The only difference between any two elements is the atomic structure or amount of pieces making up this energy formation.

Depending on the makeup of these atoms and their associated energy level, things are solid, liquid or gas.  And believe it or not, there are studies going on right now cataloguing unique musical signatures to every element in the periodic table; thus, bringing the frequency of sound into the picture.

Why is all of this necessary to know, especially in regards to health?

Well, if I can establish the fact that our bodies are energy and that which moves us, then I can move forward to explain how we utilize this energy to shape our lives.

In theory, we should be able to harness that energy to lead the lives we desire.  We should be able to find the parts of our lives that are not vibrating at their optimal frequency and re-calibrate.

Easy enough, eh?

Not so fast grasshopper.

Next week, we will discuss frequency.

Stay tuned.

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