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support 250“Friends, you and me
You brought another friend
And then there were three
We started our group
Our circle of friends
And like that circle
There is no beginning or end.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


If you have known me for any length of time, you know SUPPORT is an important word in my vocabulary.

We are about to come up to the most difficult time of the year in regards to eating.  I am calling it the Triple Crown of Eating Holidays.

New Year’s

And let’s not even get into making all of those New Year’s Resolutions.

This time of year is usually about giving to everyone else.  Why not consider doing something a little different this year?  Give to yourself!

I am offering a “Lite” version of my “Bod Squad” program, perfect for those that are not able to make the daily commitment, but would like to garner support for this important time frame.  It’s set up a bit differently than the original “Bod Squad” program, but still packed with plenty of features:

Weekly Motivational eMails:  This will serve two purposes, one, to give you a jump start to another week (to be delivered every Wednesday).  And then two, be your cue to check in with your stats.  On this day that you receive the email, you will have my undivided attention for any and all questions you might have.  This can include things like help with scheduling, what the best correction or recovery route you might need to take, or to just chat about the weather.  🙂

This will be for a full 13 weeks!!!  It will get you all the way through January!!!

6 Q&A Group Calls:  Every other week I will provide a 10-15 minute content call and then open the call to any Q&A that you might have as a group.  These calls are worth their weight in gold on their own as they are filled with all kinds of information to make it easier to get through difficult times.  You will find that you are not the only one that has struggles during the holidays.  When you listen to other people share their struggles or challenges you always glean something that will help you get through your own challenges.  All the calls are live, so it’s not a pre-packaged, DIY type of program. Everyone gets to ask questions or make comments on every call. The calls will be available for download for you to listen at your leisure if you can’t make it.

Support Forum:  This is where the program can really shine!  You will receive full support from, and access to, others like yourself who are committed to making positive changes to their own weight control. You will have exclusive access to a Bod Squad Lite forum as a means to “mastermind” with people just like you. You can share your successes; celebrate others’ successes and feel the energy of a group of people who understand what you are doing.

This forum will serve as a place to ask questions in the interim between our weekly contact.  You might possibly get a question answered by someone in the forum, or, you might just see me pop in!

I am offering this program to those that are looking for a level of accountability, but are not able to do the daily commitment.  This program will allow you to get support from others like yourself at any time you need it through the support forum, and yet still have a degree of one-on-one with me one day a week.

The cost is only $147 for the entire 13 weeks; this will take you all the way through January.  This is more than enough time to work through the holiday’s and set up a good plan for 2013.

If you would like to take part in this program, but instead would like to make payments, I am offering it on a payment plan, 3 payments of $47 each, to be payable on the first Monday of each month while you are in the program.

I am only accepting 20 clients for this new program, and the start date is November 7, 2012, so act fast if you would like to be included in this special program by paying here.  If you would like to take the payment option, please contact me using this contact form.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by using the contact form found on this site.

ETA:  UPDATE!  As of the publication of the newsletter, there are only 12 spots left open for this pilot program!

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  1. Danna says:

    Hi..just found you on facebook.. I was part of the web site two years ago and remember you.. I just finished my day two of load and if you are still have any openings this might be something I am interested.. I know the cut off was yesterday so if I need to wait for another date that is okay..

    • Biz says:

      Hey! I think I remember you! Contact me using the contact us form and let’s see what we can do! Looking forward to it!

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