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Caution EatingThanksgiving
New Years

Almost 2 months of constant celebrations.

What you worked on for the entire year can be blown in just two months.  Scratch that, less than two months.  It can be in just days.

It makes sense to start planning now.

But it’s only October!

YES!  Now is the time to put things in motion so that you can make it through the holiday season unscathed.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of a “high risk” time for management of your weight.  The whole season doesn’t represent just one day of indulgences.  Instead, you have a period of time that extends through the New Year where there is more alcohol, more snacks, more appetizers, more food and all of these are energy dense.

Mid-November through Mid-January then becomes the part of the year where the rest of the year hangs its hat, weight wise.

Make this year different.  Start planning NOW for next year.  Start the New Year off by not gaining 10-15 pounds this holiday season!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Remember that it’s all about the people.  No matter what time of year it is, celebrations are about the people involved.  Before you go to some event, pause and consider who will be there, and how you might be able to be of service to someone in need.  There is nothing like being of service to someone else that gets you out of the crazy craving feelings that sometime pop up when you are in a room full of no-no foods.  I usually volunteer to help with the dishes, it keeps me busy and out of the food!

Set boundaries.  Everyone has a right to eat what they want, when they want it.  But just because that is so, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice.  Decide ahead of time, before you get to the event, what indulgences you do not want to go without then compensate for them.  Plan an Alternative Correction Day the day before and after the event.  Take a long walk before and after a big meal, invite others to join you.  When Aunt Sally asks you to take home the leftover fudge, politely but firmly say NO!

Ask yourself questions.  This is an important step and a very real deterrent to gaining weight during the holidays.  Before an event, try asking yourself this:  Which is more important, eating the tempting foods or maintaining my weight?  What is your decision?  Once you have made it, write it down.  Take it a step further; state in your written goal what you plan to eat and then how you will compensate for it.  When you write down a goal this indicates a sincere intention of reaching that goal.  This will help you stick to your plan.

Get proactive!  This is a big one in my book!  Schedule events on a calendar, then get ruthless on which ones really must be attended and which ones you can avoid.  Find out menus, and if someone is having something you don’t want to indulge in, bring your own dish (be careful of this one, I have found in my experience that when given the choice, people will pick good healthy food if it’s there, so make enough!).  Other ways you can be proactive:

  • If you decide to not eat at an event, eat a healthy meal before you go.
  • If your host will be offended by you not eating, then eat something before you go so you are not starving and then just eat a little of what is there.
  • If it’s a sit down affair, just take small portions of the offending foods.
  • Sweet tooth?  Carry some high quality dark chocolate with you and when tempted, use that instead of grabbing the processed sugar/wheat combination.

Find a buddy!  There is always someone else at the event that is watching their weight, you are NEVER alone.  Find that person and be their wingman!  If that isn’t possible, have a support buddy available via text that you can jot a note to if the cravings get too powerful.  Ask them beforehand to be firm about reminding you of your goals.

Get a coach!  ::giggle::  But seriously, this is a really difficult time of year for weight control … wouldn’t it be awesome to have someone on call in your back pocket to help you to get through the holidays without guilt, remorse, or regret?  As a coach, my busiest time of year is the holiday season into the New Year, with good reason!  I can be objective when you are in the middle of chaos.

I am putting together a special package that will be released in next week’s newsletter that you might like to consider to help you make it through the holiday season.  Stay tuned!

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