Success: Diane (Updated)

I’ve lost weight before….several times actually. My focus was always an upcoming wedding, or event, or some deadline date by which I felt like I needed to lose weight.  I lost weight, then would regain it quickly. I repeated that cycle over and over. This time, after a year of feeling sick and overwhelmed and stressed and very, very tired, I decided to make a big lifestyle change and instead, focus on my health.  But this time, the weight loss is secondary. I feel healthier than I ever have in my life and I’m about to turn 40 this year.

Working with Coach Biz is always amazing. She really should charge more, to be honest. I spent about two years trying different ways of eating to see what worked for my body. She lets me be the captain, and she’s the rudder. Even more than that, she helps me understand and process how I’m feeling while the weight is coming off. I’ve run the gamut of feelings in this past year, and the outsider perspective of someone that understands, from years of working with clients, what people are feeling while their bodies change has been absolutely invaluable.

I’ve been cycling high fat P2 with hCG and concentrating on real foods and no gluten or harmful additives. It has been an absolute miracle for my body. In July 2015, I weighed approximately 220 pounds. Now, April 2016, about nine months later, I have dropped 65 pounds. Even better than that, my blood work between then and now shows almost no inflammation in my body, normal blood sugar (down from pre-diabetic range) and healthy levels of the right vitamins. I have the energy to work 50 hours a week as an attorney, work out 5-6x weekly, and take care of my beautiful four-year-old son. Biz is a super woman and she makes me feel like a super woman too.

This testimonial is an update and NO ONE should ever feel badly about re-gaining the weight or to come back to coaching. Believe me, this time, my losses will stick. But during maintenance is when I need coaching the most; in the past, that is when I started to slide back towards the gain, and I would disappear and feel ashamed. But Biz is never judgmental, never made me feel badly. We just picked up and started over and moved onward.

This is an updated Success Story.  You can read the original Success Story here

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