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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. ~ Henry Ford

Humans are social creatures by nature. Most of the time, we surround ourselves with people who share our belief systems and values. Support groups are a way to surround you with individuals who have goals that are similar to yours. By sharing a purpose with a group of people, you stay motivated and inspired to continue moving toward success.

Part of the support system’s value is that it offers accountability, and sometimes that is all we need to be successful. When I started my hCG story, I used my blog to support my accountability. I felt compelled to succeed because I was being held accountable by my readers.

One of the best things about a support group is each member’s desire to shore up the success of every other member of the group. By sharing the common goal of helping one another, each member encourages others through challenges. Sometimes support is encouraging words and affirmations; other times support is suggestions, tips or new perspectives. Regardless of the form support takes, when a positive experience is shared by two or more people, everybody wins.

Personal Coaching

While group support is important, sometimes we need a little one-on-one work to get us to our goals. There are lots of reasons personal coaching works.

It is quite fascinating how personal coaching developed. It is believed that the first modern coaches evolved from the business world. They were industrial psychologists in the 50’s and 60’s who were often pulled to the side by CEOs who needed to talk confidentially about problems they were having related to the organization.

Today, coaching is done with more anonymity. Most sessions are conducted via telephone or by email. Both vehicles of communication work well, as there are far fewer distractions for both the client and the coach. The feeling of anonymity creates an aura of honesty that is not usually available in a face-to-face meeting.

Although it is possible to become certified in coaching, I believe the best credentials a coach can have is a track record with various clients. That is why coaching services are better advertised through word of mouth.

In my experience, results after coaching are immediate. I always call it the “let go” factor because after person decides to hire a personal coach, she/he experiences a bit of stress relief. Suddenly, the issues that were causing her stress seem to be alleviated somewhat because there is someone else to carry the burden. A feeling of relief sweeps in and the person feels she can concentrate on other aspects of her life. Coaches can offer a sense that someone else is on the case to assist with the challenges.

Coaches generally do not offer advice. Their primary job is to help you see your options and to make you aware of what is available. But ultimately, the final decision is your own.

Coaches also help keep their clients “on task” by putting their goals in front of them at all times. They use a variety of methods, all with the client’s individuality in mind.

Coaching has been likened to therapy, but there is a significant difference between the two. A therapist helps their clients heal the wounds of the past. Coaches, instead, focus on moving toward the future. Also, therapists help people with their psychological problems that come from past experiences. Coaches help people improve different aspect of their lives in the present.

As mentioned earlier, coaching is best advertised through word of mouth. It’s important to ensure that the person you choose to hire as your personal coach “clicks” with you personally. You must be comfortable with your coach’s personality and communication style, or your sessions will be counterproductive.

A personal coach is a powerful asset to help you tackle limiting believes or emotional blocks that are preventing you from reaching your goals.

A little support from either a group or a coach can go a long way.

What support systems do you have in place to help you overcome your challenges as you move toward your goals?

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