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Homeopathic hCGI get many questions often about Homeopathic-hCG.  My only opinion (short of only trying it twice with good results) is that I strongly recommend that you use a certified alternative medical professional when obtaining your solution.

I have asked just such a person to describe homeopathy, and to give you some information on how homeopathy works with hCG:

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that was developed over 200 years ago and is still widely used today.  The term homeopathy is derived from the Greek words Homeo, meaning similar and Pathos, meaning suffering or disease.  Homeopathy is built on the law similars, or the principle that like cures like.

The law states that the introduction of a substance which would produce a set of symptoms in a healthy person, can hasten the cure of an ailing one who presents with similar symptoms.  For instance, someone who is having trouble sleeping might be given coffea cruda, a remedy that is prepared from the coffee bean.  Coffee, when consumed by the average person can produce symptoms of restlessness, rapid heart beat, and a surge of energy.  Homeopathic coffea, which is highly dilute, can effectively relieve those same symptoms.

Homeopathy recognizes symptoms as the body’s response to disease and seeks to support the innate reaction to encourage healing.  It is believed that when these symptoms are covered up or suppressed, that healing can be delayed.  When this happens the organism is more susceptible to additional stresses and illness.

A homeopath will use remedies, either in the form of pillules, tablets or tinctures which are highly diluted in order to support the body’s natural response.

Why homeopathy works

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s vital force.  A substance is introduced in small amounts and acts as a catalyst to the organism.  Once the body begins to react to the substance, the trajectory of the disease or ailment is changed and healing begins to occur.  The remedy is serving as a reminder to the body of the task at hand.

Unlike medications or hormones which are given to create a specific response, homeopathic remedies have no biochemical action.  They can not be utilized unless the body has a need for them which makes it an incredibly safe and gentle system of medicine.  One can not overdose or create irreversible damage by using homeopathic remedies.  As a system of complementary medicine, it is also appealing because there are no contraindications to homeopathically prepared remedies.  Unlike alternative medicine, such as herbs or nutraceuticals they will not interact with any medications a person is taking under the supervision of their physician.

Why homeopathy works with hCG

While there are many homeopathic preparations of hCG available, the manner in which it’s used is not classically homeopathic.  This remedy, which is prepared human chorionic gonadotropin, is being used in small doses to elicit a different response.  It is not being administered to heal, but rather to stimulate production.   In this instance it is being given to stimulate the release of small amounts of the hormone already present in the body and activate the endocrine system.  The remedy, combined with a specific, restricted diet helps to reset the hypothalamus.

Why it’s imperative to work with a professional while on the hCG protocol if using homeopathic dosing

While homeopathic medicine and the use of homeopathic remedies is inherently safe, it is still important to work with someone who can serve as a guide in your journey.  Dosing suggestions will appear on the bottle, but they are simply suggestions.  Some people require more, some less, and with different dosing procedures.  A trained practitioner can help to determine your unique needs based on the picture you present.  This coupled with the fact that for the hCG protocol, adherence to a specific diet is required, it is important to have someone that can answer questions and troubleshoot any issues as they present.

While the diet is fairly straightforward, peoples experiences can vary greatly based on their own personal history.  There are times throughout the course of the protocol where an individual may require additional support.  Working with a professional will ensure that needs are addressed as they arise.   It will also provide peace of mind if questions come up throughout the program.

In addition, there are many different formulations of hCG popping up on the market.  Not all are made by legitimate homeopathic pharmacies with FDA licensed laboratories.  For your success and safety it is essential that a reputable brand is used.  Working with a practitioner will grant access to the top brands on the market.

How to find a practitioner that can help you with this (what to look for)

There are many practitioners that have started offering support for this particular protocol in their clinics.  However, if you are looking to use homeopathically prepared hCG it is important to find someone who has been trained to use homeopathic remedies in their practice.  You want to be certain they understand the differences between the hormone and the remedy so that you are dosing correctly and are receiving instruction on the proper handling of the remedy.

A homeopath will be more than qualified to direct you in the use of homeopathic hCG, but many nurses, naturopaths, chiropractors and MD’s have also studied homeopathic medicine.  If you see a clinic offering hCG be sure to ask for credentials, experience and training.

Confirm that the practitioner uses the complete protocol rather than altering it from it’s original format.  Many people have revised the protocol to call it their own by changing the duration, the acceptable foods, or the number of calories.  As it was originally written the program is successful and safe.  Any changes can compromise it’s efficacy.

While the program is incredibly rewarding and has helped thousands of people for whom nothing else worked, you owe it to yourself to be safe and informed.  While many feel it is nothing short of a miracle it can only be so when it is done properly.

Thanks goes to the following for the above information:

Elisabeth Taylor, BFP
Registered Classical Homeopath
Wise Medicine

Feel free to use our Contact Us page if you would like a formal introduction to Ms. Taylor and the opportunity to purchase this product.  This is the only Homeopathic hCG that The hCG Shop and Happily Thinner After recommends.

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