hCG Success: Susan L

susanlI feel supported and also held accountable in this relationship.

I started on my HCG journey 5 years ago in April.  I found HTA [now Get Your Thin On] toward the end of my first loss of 50 pounds, and I was helped greatly by BootCamp, especially in P3.

However, I have gained and lost that last 20 pounds several time since then, and it became progressively more difficult to make myself stick to P2.  My food choices are limited, especially protein, since I only eat poultry and eggs and the repetition on P2 as I understood my options made it hard to stick to for 3 weeks.

Enter The First Step!

After several aborted attempts to start P2 the traditional way, I asked Biz for help and she pointed me to The First Step.  This has been a revelation!  With the additional calories and the ability to mix veggies, I am able to have a salad with OV dressing for lunch, and eggs for dinner—these two changes alone have made this more workable for me. Oh, and of course the HNH in my coffee in the morning!

In addition to TFS, I have been working 1:1 with Biz.  I have always wanted to, and for some reason thought it would be beyond my reach. I am so glad I gave myself the gift of  this additional support!  My questions (I always have many, in any situation!) are answered quickly, clearly and directly, right from the source, so I don’t waste time or make as many mistakes. I use homeopathic HCG, and Biz was even able to check my brand to see that it was legitimate.  This gave me peace of mind I haven’t ever really had using HHCG, because you never know unless someone tests it.

I feel supported and also held accountable in this relationship. I am confident I will reach my goal and maintain thereafter.  I can’t recommend a 1:1 coaching relationship with Biz highly enough.   I finished my first 21 days on VLCD last week with a 13 pound loss.

The best part is, I am on a P3 break and actually excited (rather than dreading) to go back to P2 and keep losing!

Biz starts a new cycle the first Monday of any week.  You can always get more information and an application by clicking here.

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