hCG Success: Nancy

nancyI would definitely recommend coaching with Biz. 

I started using hCG a few years ago and had great success, but after each round I would maintain for a while, then the pounds would slowly start creeping back on.   A friend told me about Biz so I signed up for the 1 on 1 coaching and was really glad I did.  Biz completely changed the way I had been doing it before and she made it much easier to get thru P2 and P3.

I looked forward to getting the daily emails filled with life lessons and the personal notes.  Biz was a cheerleader for those good days and helped me get thru the difficult ones.  She would give little suggestions that made a big difference. The biggest thing for me was she completely changed my way of thinking about certain foods and how they affect my body.  Eating more is good and fat IS your friend!

I would definitely recommend coaching with Biz.  Well worth it for all the bits of advice and encouragement she gives.

Enrollment for The Bod Squad 1:1 Coaching is open starting any Monday.  Please click here for more information and an application.  Spaces are limited.

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