hCG Success: Tara

TaraBefore I worked with Biz, I was all over the place trying a different thing every day and not really being clear about what worked and what didn’t.

Working with Biz gave me direction and kept me on track. I have a tendency to be more accountable to others than to myself, so having her there provided me with that. I knew I had to be honest about what was going on with me (what’s the point in doing otherwise).

While working with Biz I learned that I was not being a friend to my body. I sometimes still have to remember this, but the recognition that I am the owner/operator of my body as well as its BFF was an enormous discovery.

Its great to have someone objective who can help you navigate your health issues as well as the other aspects of you life that impact your well-being. I never felt judged by Biz (I do that well enough on my own)

It was refreshing to know that I could share things with out getting “in trouble”.

Former Bod Squad Member

Biz starts a new cycle the first Monday of any week.  You can always get more information and an application by clicking here.

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