My Journey to the Science of Anatomy (Part 4)

journey to healthHere are Parts 1, 2 and 3. And before you holler at me, there will be a Part 5.


When last we left off, I was ready to embark on a healing regimen and I had a strong support group in place.

Dr. Cursio’s treatment plan for me started with a water fast. You read that right; nothing but water for a number of days (usually, a day for each year of one’s life, with breaks at 30 day intervals).

The rationale was that my body had been fed toxins over a long period of time and the only way to rid them from my system was complete bed rest and only fresh clean water; incidentally just like animals do.

In the book Fasting and Eating for Health, it says:

In the animal kingdom, fasting is quite common. Animals instinctively fast when sick or hurt. The wounded animal finds a warm secluded spot where it can lie undisturbed to rest and fast for a period of time until it is restored. The ill animal sips only water until well again.

Following the one day per each year rule, I was asked to complete at minimum a seventeen day water fast.*

The minimum part was dependent on how well the fast my body cleared the toxins. During the entire fast, we were in constant contact with Dr. Cursio. I was closely monitored and he was always aware of how my body was responding and what was transpiring.

To say it was an interesting experience would be an understatement. I could not have done this without massive support. One of my sister’s friends started the fast with me. Additionally, my support group included many who had experienced lengthy water fasts. They were with me every step of the way teaching me what to expect.

I will save my fast story details for another day as it is not relevant to this story.

Following doctor’s orders, I broke my fast on Day 20 (19 completed days of fasting).

What I will say about the fast is after the dreaded three day mark (those are the hardest), my health made remarkable strides, and believe it or not, hunger was not an issue.  I started feeling better and better; and although weak, I could tell something remarkable was happening to my body.

At the fast’s completion and the ensuing weeks while I re-introduced foods to my body, I noticed I had no headaches, my acne had disappeared, and my allergies were non-existent. To this day, I find this result remarkable. One other side effect was I lost quite a bit of weight. I want to emphasize that was just a side effect; not the purpose of the fast.

By this point, the whole ordeal had taken four years of my life and I had suffered greatly. In kid years, that is a lifetime. To have a fix in a little less than three weeks; well, it was quite profound.

With my current social circle and their support, the post fast required way of eating was not an issue. The doctor instructed me to follow a strict vegetarian based plan (with added raw dairy and eggs) and I did that for quite a while. I cannot remember a time in my life when I felt healthier. It was such a change to be able to wake up in the morning, feel refreshed, not worry about wanting to yack, or my vision being impaired, or having a rash all over my body, or sneezing, or my eyes swollen, or being embarrassed to be seen in public because of my acne.

I had finally turned into a real teenager.

And like any teenager, my love life started. ::giggle::

I was soon dating and eventually became very serious with a guy who was to be my first husband. Shortly after I turned 18, we got engaged and were married six months later. Until three months prior to the wedding, I had been following a strict, clean, healthy eating style. What happened to change that?

I had my first OB/GYN appointment and I started birth control pills. Now remember, at that time, knowledge of birth control pills’ effect on the body was unknown, so in actuality, I thought I was ok. However, in hindsight, I made a huge mistake. I didn’t consult with Dr. Cursio regarding this life change. In fact, since this decision was mine, and now I was an adult and knew best (sure I did), I didn’t consult with anyone. Keep in mind, in 1980; subjects like this were still a bit hush hush.

That was the wrong decision…why?

Tune in next Monday for Part 5.

*By sharing my story I am not advocating any of its parts. While this treatment may have seemed extreme, I did this under doctor supervision.

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