Support: The Power of Your Intentions

goalYou must be the change you wish to see in the world. ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi

We hear a lot about setting intentions to have more success in our endeavors.

What exactly is intention? And how do you set it?

Let’s look at the literal definition of the word intention: an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

Intention begins as a desire; becomes a thought you carry with you; and a focus to affect a life change.

While you might not have even been aware of it; in truth, you have been using intentions throughout your life. Your intentions have created your current life situation. If your intentions have been splattered, unbalanced, unstable, or unclear; then success in reaching your goals may have been elusive.

For some, understanding your thoughts have created your reality is a hard pill to swallow. But, don’t shoot the messenger. I’ve had to come to grips with this myself.

The Law of Intention is just like the Law of Gravity; whether you believe in it or not, you are still affected by it. The sooner you comprehend how to harness that energy of intention; the sooner you can make positive changes in your life.

When intentions are clear, everything lines up to make even the most impossible, possible. Without intention, you meander without meaning, or direction.

Imagine your intentions like a tripod. A tripod has three legs. People use tripods because the three legs provide support, stabilization, and balance. The camera requires all three to focus and create a clear picture.

Similarly, your intention incorporates the three legs of desire, thoughts, and focus creating clarity and stability while moving toward your coveted outcomes. Without any one of the three legs, your tripod becomes unstable, and your intention loses its manifestation power.

Three Legs of Intention

Desire – In the book, A Happy Pocketful of Money, there is an entire chapter dedicated to banishing the word “want” from your vocabulary.

Never want anything. Wanting makes the Universe give you the conditions that create the perpetual state of wanting. Have passion, have desire, have intentions, but want not.

Your desires are unique to you and are extremely important. You must be clear and specific about your desires. Are you saying to yourself, I desire to lose weight?

That statement is a general, nonspecific form of a desire. It is not detailed, or specific enough to elicit the anticipated result.

Instead say, “I desire to weigh 128 pounds; fit in size 2-4; be able to fit into all the rides at Disney World; be able to purchase life insurance without a rider; be able to wear that cute little polka dot dress I have been eying at the department store; be healthy; be off of medications; etc….”

The list could go on.

Are you that clear? Do you actually SEE yourself there? What does it look like? When you reach 128 pounds, what will you do every day? Where will you be?

Thoughts – This leg is a tricky one. Imagine your thoughts are a white canvas. The painting on that canvas is the manifestation of your vision. When you see that picture, what thoughts come to your mind?

Are your thoughts positive; or are they full of doubt and fear? Do you allow your thoughts to slip into negativity, such as That isn’t possible! That can’t be done! There is no way I can look that good?

Instead changed those thoughts to I look awesome! This is possible! It can be done! 

Focus – This leg is LOADED. It has nothing to do with determination; but rather focus is about clarity and observation. When you are mindful of the choices you make; and the actions you take; you will be presented with opportunities assisting, supporting, and sustaining your intention’s path. Just as with focusing binoculars, that which is blurry in the distance; becomes clear and precise when adjusting the focus.

To reach your desired goals, weight loss or otherwise, embrace and incorporate the Law of Intention’s three-legged tripod. Align your desires, thoughts, and focus bringing a clear picture into view. Then intention will work its magic changing your life.

2 Comments on Support: The Power of Your Intentions

  1. Megan says:

    Awesome article and so true. Saying you want something is much like saying I’m going to do something in an affirmation, or using negatives.

    To mis-quote Yoda, “There is no try, there is only do or do not.” In this case, there is no want, there is only am or want not!


    • Biz says:

      Thank you Megan. HA! Love your mis-quote. Works perfectly with the idea of the article.

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