Adjusting the Rudder

A soul without a high aim is like a ship without a rudder. ~ Eileen Caddy

I tell my clients, quite often in fact, you are the captain, and I am simply the rudder.

What does that mean?

Let’s explore the meaning by first talking about success and failure.

During the course of our lives, we may consider ourselves one or the other.  To be honest, we may not come right out saying I am successful, or I am a failure.  However, we may consider certain parts of our lives have resulted in us feeling great joy, or maybe guilt and shame.

The difference between success and failure is quite subtle.

Imagine a sailboat.  It is going to sail from point A to point B.  The captain’s job is to make slight rudder adjustments … a little left, a little right, a little left, a little right … constantly shifting and adjusting towards a destination.  The shifts can be big adjustments avoiding an oncoming storm, or so incredibly subtle the passengers don’t even notice. They trust the captain steering the craft to get them safely to their destination.

Our lives, and by proxy, our actions, are handled in quite the same way.  If we can consider our actions as constant readjustments, a shift here, a shift there, then we will begin to recognize whatever may have been labeled as a failure is in reality simply a shift towards the next little success.

With each success experienced, we also become aware not everything will go as planned.  And when this happens, then think of it as an opportunity to shift the rudder again, ever so slightly.

Success is not the destination; it is part of the process.

Consider for a moment the difference between saying I have failed at this three times vs I am a failure.  I am a failure is finite and disregards the process.  I have failed at this three times presents the opportunity to say:

Now, I have to readjust.

When making changes affecting your health, please always remember health care, whether physical, mental or spiritual, is a journey, not a destination.

It takes time to turn actions into habits. These actions can include things such as; eating healthier, drinking more water, adding more veggies and fruits to your plate, eliminating processed foods and sugars.

Whatever course you choose, don’t get discouraged when you get a little off course.

Be kind to yourself, recommit, and then simply adjust the rudder.

And how is that accomplished?  Remember, the rudder is the mechanism steering your course.  What mechanisms do you have in place helping you steer?

A rudder can be:

  • A big shift in your diet:  Committing to an hCG round, starting Whole 30, or Weight Watchers
  • Starting an exercise program:  Committing to walk daily, joining a gym, finding an exercise buddy
  • Choosing a spiritual book to read monthly:  Finding a group to discuss spiritual matters, meditating
  • Small daily commitments:  Keeping a food journal or simply writing down your goals
  • Finding an accountability buddy:  Someone you answer to

Or perhaps you want or need more support than yourself, or a partner.  Maybe joining a group of like-minded individuals is the steering mechanism you seek.

One term for this is a mastermind.  Nearly every great historical achievement has resulted from a team of minds united in the same goal.  It’s proven itself to be a great way to reach your goals.

The GYTO Forum is here to help you, as your vessel’s captain, be a support rudder, or successfully navigate your way through many of life’s calm or stormy seas. Joining our community forum may be just the ticket you are looking for.

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