Be the Captain of Your Own Ship

CaptainRudderA ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. ~ William G.T. Shedd

Sometimes it is wise to go with the flow.

The crux is it depends on which direction the flow is going.

While there are numerous examples of going with the flow, let’s consider the one involving our weight control journey. If we are going with the typical American diet flow, we are on our way to becoming obese, living a sedentary life, and then dying of either heart disease, cancer, diabetes or some sort of obesity associated illness.

Ask yourself if this is the result you are hoping to achieve?

If you want to live an extraordinary life, it is imperative to go against the normal flow by tuning into the current which heightens self-awareness and consciousness. Find your own inner flow instead of being dragged along by external forces.

If you are on a weight loss route now, do you know where will you end up? Which direction is this flow taking you? What will you pass up in life if you don’t stop at certain destinations? How can you use self-awareness to direct your life’s course? Are you adrift in the sea, or sailing intentionally toward your destination?

Make the decision to consciously direct your own life instead of being pushed along by external currents.

Be the captain of your own ship.


Pick Your Ship: What dreams do you have for your life (and body)? Think about how those big dreams can turn into reality. Visualize and organize your ship by working in cooperation with Universal Laws (Law of Attraction, Law of Cause and Effect, etc) rather than in opposition to them.

Pick Your Crew: You are the captain. Choose a dream team. Assemble a crew who will stand fast through all of life’s waters, during the hard times (storms) and the good times (fair skies) celebrating with you. Who then is your crew? Who is your first mate (accountability partner or coach)? Do you have crewman standing beside you, backing your direction (support group)? These elements are crucial for continual forward progress.

Chart Your Course: Map out your vision of how you want your life (or body) to be. Creating a life or body vision might seem frivolous, but trust me, it’s not. It’s one of the most effective strategies for achieving the life (and body) of your dreams. The vision is the compass guiding us to take the best actions and make the right choices toward achieving our finest life (and body).

Navigate: Once we have mapped out our course, next comes navigating it. Just like a ship, it takes planning and directing the route to make it through rough waters safely. Your goals, intentions, and wishes are precious cargo.

Navigation includes tacking, going back and forth, methodically working past old fears, barriers or obstructions.. By taking step-by-step actions toward resolving issues, tracking your progress, making course corrections, you can smoothly and safely navigate any waters reaching your destination.

Once you decide to take charge of your life, determining which flow and current is headed in the direction you want to go, aligning with the natural governing laws, choosing your support team, outlining your course of action, and setting sail will bring with it the confidence to succeed.

And finally, experience true peace and success as you become the Captain of Your Own Ship piloting your life’s course!

The crew at GYTO Forums will help you cast off, set your bearings, batten down the hatches, track your progress, and assist in getting and keeping you underway. Anchors Aweigh and Bon Voyage!!!

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