Are You Running on Empty?


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ~ Unknown

Do you remember vehicles with a “reserve” tank? If you were running out of gas, it took a simple switch from the main tank fuel supply to the alternate or reserve tank.

With the next fill up, sometimes closing off that reserve tank was forgotten. The next time you ran out of fuel; it was all tapped out.

Running on empty is exactly what most of us have been doing to our bodies.

Total Body Health, to me, is the most prized possession we can ever possess. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to achieve, go, or do the things we want.

The following nine simple things help fill our body’s reserve tank so that one night of deprived sleep, less than optimal food choices, or a family fight will not zap you to the bone.

1) Know Your Why:  Tony Robbins is the goal setting king. He says having numerous reasons for setting a particular goal convinces yourself and elevates the likelihood for achieving it.  What are your goals for getting healthy or fit?  Why now?  What are you willing to sacrifice?

Knowing your why helps fill that reserve tank because its significance has become a priority.

2) Do ONE Thing at a Time:  This happens often in my coaching. A client gets all fired up and initiates everything at once; i.e., on Monday they start a low calorie hCG diet; walk for an hour; take massive amounts of supplements; meditate for 30 minutes, etc.  By Wednesday they are completely burned out, stopping everything.  I encourage the ONE thing approach with measured doses. Week one, add supplements to your daily regimen; week two, begin walking 15 minutes a day; week three, a five-minute daily meditation.

The beauty of doing one thing at a time is that you build; keep what was built; grow and then leverage.  Momentum is created with small steps being consistently applied.

3) Set Boundaries:  This is a BIGGIE in my book.  Most of us understand setting boundaries when it refers to other people.  However, consider setting them with the person you spend the most time with… yourself …

Many spend time looking in mirror trash talking their reflection saying how ugly, fat, or hopeless they are.  OR dis-empower themselves with words like worthless, weak, and lacking willpower to gain total health?

We all have weaknesses; it is all about learning how to turn it into a strength. Let’s say your weakness is Ruffles potato chips… think of all the reasons to overcome it; what must you do; then commit to yourself to do everything in your power to keep them out of the house, including how to get your family and friends on board.

Your reserve tank becomes filled, free of impurities, and fueled for your continued forward momentum.

4)  Eat Healthy and Drink Water:  I say that like it’s simple.  Daily we are bombarded with artificial everything.  When we are running on empty, it is so easy and tempting to fill our tank with junk food, especially if it is readily available. And how about our radiator? Do we keep it flushed with clean water? Or do we allow rust and guck to build up causing us to sputter along day after day until the engine seizes stranding us in the middle of the desert.

Feed and hydrate all your vehicle parts with good foods and water, and it will smoothly transport you to that distant oasis.

5) Move:  A vehicle sitting in the driveway never moving will quickly start to deteriorate.  The engine needs to be cranked regularly in order for hoses, pistons, and valves to keep working in tip top shape.

For your health, do some sort of enjoyable exercise daily to keep things running smoothly. We aren’t talking running a marathon here — 30 to 45 minutes will do the trick. Then when you really need that extra horsepower for something important, your vehicle will be at the ready.

6) Keep a Journal:  I can’t stress this enough.  A personal journal can be better than a therapist.  ::giggle::  Seriously, journaling is a vital part of any maintenance program.  Did you know by keeping adequate maintenance records on a used car you can up the selling price? The vehicle’s service journal indicates the steps taken to keep it running optimally proving it has had good care.

Personal journals serve two purposes … one — it’s a permanent chronicled reference record. Second and more importantly, they provide a cathartic release.

Regular writing has mental health benefits, inspires creativity, purges negativity, and clarifies what worked and what didn’t.

7)  Support and Accountability: Why is it people understand the need for car care; however, drop the ball when it comes to themselves.  The shop where I service my car provides a chart on your first visit. Each time the car is serviced or requires work, the chart is updated with what was done. They have my email address reminding me of oil changes or some mile marker maintenance needing done.

Plus, they provide the needed support and accountability to make sure my vehicle is running in tip top shape.

8) Practice Proactivity:  The key to proactivity is remembering that between stimulus and response, there is a space.  That space is our choice which leads to how we react to any given situation.

Proactive, in this case, means we think about our reserve tank daily, making sure it’s proper fueled to meet the day’s responsibilities head on and not leave us stranded.

9) Learn Something New:  Becoming a single mom over six years ago forced me into learning new things. At times it felt overwhelming.  Over the years, I learned a simple little trick.  With anything new, I glean ONE elegant idea and then endeavor to implement that ONE idea into my life.

Regular vehicle maintenance was one such lesson. By locating a reputable service company and establishing a trusting relationship now ensures my vehicle receives the proper maintenance and care.

For optimal health, learn to do the same.

Whew … that’s a LOT of tips to getting your health back.  Getting healthy, becoming fitter, and looking better can be fun. Choose ONE thing to implement and start building that reserve tank.

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