hCG Success: Barbara

barbaraFantastic interview I had with Barbara on 10.29.13 – you can listen to it here.

We discussed:

  • Cycling:  Barbara describes her cycles (5 completed in 6 months) and how they helped her drop 40 pounds.
  • Protocol:  Working life around the protocol instead of working protocol around her life.
  • Support:  How having a coach has made a difference in her success.

I hope you get a chance to listen to the call, it was fun and informative.  Any questions, feel free to post below or you can use the contact page here.

Biz starts a new cycle the first Monday of any week.  You can always get more information and an application by clicking here.

4 Comments on hCG Success: Barbara

  1. Pamela Burge says:

    Loved, loved the interview – Bizz & Barbara – thanks so much! And no Bizz, you weren’t too loud or Barbara’s voice too soft – it was perfect! Will listen again today.
    One thing I missed or maybe it wasn’t said exactly – re to the cycling – was there a type of re-loading beginning each one? I know in the original P&I – when Dr S talks of a PI – says one thing if it’s less than a certain number of days, and another if it goes over two weeks.
    In Barbara’s method – what does she do? I’m thinking she slips right back into the 500+ and hcg right off but want to be sure. If you can anwswer this quickly – I’d appreciate it!

    You give such great encouragement. Thank you so very much….Pamela

    • Biz says:

      Thank you Pamela for the sweet words.

      I don’t believe in loading after the first round, you can find my article on that here. With that being said, if your break during cycling is 13 days or less, you go straight back into VLCD with your very first dose. If your break is 14 days or longer, you must eat normally for two days with hCG in your system, then on the 3rd dose you go into VLCD. Hope that helps!

      • Pamela Burge says:

        Ha! At the moment…that “eating normally” that’s gonna trip me up! My NORMAL during what I thought would be a much needed ‘break’ from a pretty successful P2…turned into no carb left undevoured. Course…there’s all that delicious ‘other stuff’ UNbalancing my stool – 🙂
        So…being the old pro that I am at losing….I now have to recognize that since I have gained so much back….something is bigger than I am at keeping it off.
        Like you Bizz – I have tended to be reclusive in my quest for….whatever….
        but, that being said – facing a long cold MN winter looming in from of me – is not going to work if I doin’t make some serious changes.
        Today – as I posted on another topic here – is spent actively learning, taking notes and taking this SERIOUSLY! Will be talking with you soon I’m sure!
        Thanks for taking the time to answer!

        • Biz says:

          Thanks for taking the time to comment! I love to interact with my peeps, so keep it coming! That is how we BOTH learn. I learn what my peeps need, and you learn the answers to your questions, it’s a WIN/WIN situation!

          You cannot be the president on the “old pro at losing” thing. You and I are minions in that department. ::giggle:: We don’t need any help loosing, we have that one down pat, it’s the keeping it off that keeps me in business. HA! No one spends enough time on that, and I am about to make that clear in upcoming changes to the site. HA!

          Hope you stay along for the ride!

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