Success in 21 Days

guaranteeTry it free for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, you get your money back! ~ Unknown

We have all heard that quote.

Have you ever wondered why companies offer this type of marketing claim and guarantee?

The reason is they are certain after trying their product, you will like it so much, want to continue using it, and thus have no choice but to buy their product.

Their logic is simple: Who in their right mind wouldn’t try something for free?

Because my belief in the hCG program is so strong, I have made similar offers to those considering it.

My reasoning: Studies show it takes 21 days to develop new habits or behavior changes. If an individual starts the protocol and stays on it for 21 days, I am confident they are going to see miraculous results. This has taught me after experiencing that kind of success, they will want to continue.

For those of us with 100 pounds or more to lose, reaching one’s weight loss goal may seem daunting – even with this hCG protocol. However, when it is broken down into twenty pound increments, it becomes more attainable. And considering it is possible to lose up to 20 percent of your goal in just three weeks … well, that’s simply miraculous.

I truly believe anyone can follow this plan for 21 days. During those first three weeks our commitment is high and seeing the daily losses big and small motivates us to stay on course and maintain control.

Our minds can be tricky. We can derail ourselves with limiting thoughts about ourselves and our success potential. However, after succeeding in our first 21 days, seeing it is possible to live (and lose) on 500 calories*, and watching our bodies begin to transform; we begin to believe. Taking these baby steps equate into us becoming stronger and determined to persevere.

Having worked with thousands of individuals to date, experience has taught me by the end of those first 21 days, if they follow the program, miraculous results are guaranteed and signing on to continue that success is a no brainer.

Of course, I don’t tell them they can get their money back. MUHAHAHAHA!!!

*While Dr. Simeons’ protocol program prescribes a 500 calorie diet, over the years, my research and test groups has led me to develop other equally successful hCG protocols with added caloric intake and expanded menu items (The First Step), cycling rounds, additional correction day menus, and my latest high fat protocol experiment (HFP2).

Let me share some of the HFP2 Experiment results thus far.

Averages for a 21-day round:

  • Weight loss: 7-10 pounds for 21 days
  • Inch loss: 5-18.5 inches (data is incomplete as some measure two areas and others measure eight)
  • Menu fat percentage: 70-73%
  • Calories: 1000-1200 daily

Here’s what some current participants are saying:

  • Adding fats really work for my body and I’m happy to see that I can do this with hCG while eating butter AND exercising. I also can’t recall the last time I was hungry unless I’m staying up late. ~ DH
  • Easy to follow…like HF. ~ DO
  • It was easy to start the second round. I didn’t have to convince myself or psych myself up to get started again. My body likes this and responds well all the while feeling great. ~ MS
  • I LOVE doing HCG this way! ~ JM
  • This way of doing P2 was much easier for me and I ended up thinner than after any other round I have done. ~ SB
  • P2 is better with butter. Biz + butter + P2 = AWESOME!!!!! ~ JA

By the way, I am expanding my test group and if you are interested in the new High Fat P2 Experiment and becoming a test subject, I am offering a very special coaching deal.  Please use this link to contact me and I will provide all the details.



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