hCG Success: Susan

SusanBiz is a terrific source of support and encouragement!

For anyone who has struggled with weight loss in the past, Biz is a terrific source of support and encouragement.

I have tried “going it alone” in the past, and it is a challenge when one doesn’t have a source of support and/or accountability.  Working with Biz has been a real pleasure.  She is an enthusiastic coach with a pleasant personality, she is supportive and non-judgmental, and she knows when to be stern to get someone on the right track.

Specifically, I have lost 40 lbs while working with Biz, and a whole bunch of inches.  I had a rough patch on one of my Phase 2 rounds, and Biz helped me to examine every aspect of my diet and lifestyle to determine what could be causing the problem.  During this time, she also encouraged me to measure, because the tape measure can be one’s friend even when the scale is not.  Her encouragement helped to keep me from throwing up my hands and giving up.

I would definitely recommend Biz’s services to others who need help, support, and an accountability partner during this journey.

Susan H.
Former Bod Squad Member
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Biz starts a new cycle the first Monday of every month.  You can always get more information and an application by clicking here.

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