Recipe: Coconut Butter

This really isn’t a recipe, but more about how much I am in love with coconut butter!  ::giggle::

I am really trying to move away from dairy being the predominant high fat source, so looking more and more into using nut butters as a substitute for dairy, for some things.  With coconut butter being 87% fat, it fits in very nicely with the HIGH FAT lifestyle.

Coconut butter however has been cost prohibitive for me, I couldn’t justify purchasing a jar for $12-$14 and kept putting it off.  I came across how to make it yourself, and I had a pound of dried coconut in my pantry and said, hey, let me give this a shot.  My bag of dried coconut was less than $4!

There was a comedy of errors in my finished product, something that took me almost 3 hours to accomplish until I landed on my perfect machine to turn coconut flakes into coconut butter.  Believe it or not, it wasn’t my food processor, or my magic bullet, or even my Vitamix, but my Oster … and it only goes ON and OFF – but within minutes it made a creamy and unbelievably good concoction that will now be my GO TO snack.

I heated up 2 oz of blueberries in a sauce pan until juicy, then poured 2 tbsp of this creamy and decadent concoction on top and it make the most delicious and satisfying snack that turned into more of a breakfast.  Which just goes to show you that you can indeed eat fruit on a high fat lifestyle!  The meal totaled only 200+ calories and 80% fat.  You do have to be really picky about your fruit though!  HA!

Then I got the idea to freeze it like a bark to see what would happen, and so I plopped about 4 tbsp on parchment paper and only about 1 oz of blueberries, and it was again, very nummy and surprisingly satisfying despite the size of the snack.

No recipe with this (actually, coconut butter is just coconut that is pureed) and I will be posting how I did it at a future time.  Until then you can Google “make your own coconut butter” to find MANY ways people have made their own coconut butter.

CoconutButterAndBlueberriesBark500 CoconutButterAndBlueberries500

Stay tuned, I will be using this in recipes a lot in the future!

4 Comments on Recipe: Coconut Butter

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  2. Cant wait to try the coconut butter!!

    • Biz says:

      I will tell you to be VERY careful as it is QUITE addicting! ::giggle::

  3. jen briggs says:

    I notice this was added way back in April 2013 yet doesn’t have a follow up on how to actually make this! Is there any chance this could be updated?

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