Recipe: Strawberry Cheesecake (without the cake!)

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I wrestled with just writing that and be done with it.  But no, that isn’t my style.  ::giggle::

Cheesecake is one of those things that everyone has their favorite recipe.  For me, the less ingredients the better.  But making a wheat free cheesecake isn’t an easy endeavor.

And, I am all about ease.

These nummy morsels will satisfy ANYONE’s lingering desire for something sweet, cheesecakeyish (yeah, I just made that word up) without the humbug of baking.  Ready in less than 20 minutes!


Strawberry Cheesecake (Without the Cake!)
4 servings

15 minutes prep
45 minutes start to finish

1 lb package fresh strawberries
8 oz block cream cheese, at room temperature
1/4 cup sugar (or equivalent of your fave sweetener)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp almond extract

Remove stems from the strawberries.

With a melon baller, scoop a hole out of each top of the strawberry.  Then using a sharp knife, cut a small slice off the bottom to allow the strawberry to stand straight.

Mix togehter the cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and almond extract, until fluffy and light.

If you have a piping bag, then awesome, use it to transfer the cream cheese mixture into the top of each prepared strawberry.  If you don’t, use a Ziploc bag that you have cut a corner out to transfer the cream cheese mixture into the top of each prepared strawberry.


Entire Recipe:

1121 Calories
81g Fat (63% calories from fat)
20g Protein
86g Carbohydrate; 10g Dietary Fiber
249mg Cholesterol; 675mg Sodium; 980mg Potassium

Per Serving:

285 Calories
21g Fat (63% calories from fat)
5g Protein
22g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber
64mg Cholesterol; 173mg Sodium; 247mg Potassium

Serving Idea:  These are perfect for a dessert tray when you are visiting.  Be careful, make sure you save some for yourself as they go FAST!

Note:  I like using this sugar.  Your calorie counts will change depending on the kind of sugar or sweetener you use.

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