Make Decisions From Where You Want to Be!

decisionsAre you making decisions from where you are, or where you want to be? ~ Christine Kane

Previously, I wrote an article regarding a decision making system. As a quick refresher, here are the steps:

  • Define the challenge
  • Do the research
  • Evaluate the alternatives
  • Make the decision
  • Just do it
  • Review

The quote above aptly describes the guiding thought process behind it. This truly powerful approach helped me change my outlook on life.

In early 2010, while taking a program by Christine Kane, I first became aware of that concept. She spent an entire week on decision making, devoting one whole day to this one thought: make decisions from where you want to be.

I have to admit, this idea was new to me. I didn’t grasp the entire meaning until later that summer when it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks: figure out the result you want, and then work backwards from there.

The first day of 2010, I was at a crossroads. Recently separated from a 15+ year marriage, I had no home to call my own. I was adjusting to life three states away, barely six months into nutritional coaching and to make matters worse, I needed stability to raise my ten year old child.

Quite frankly, I was scared. No, scratch that. I was petrified. I mean, come on, what was I thinking???

On that January day, I looked at myself in the mirror knowing one thing for sure — something had to change.

I determined then and there to take action. I purchased a seven-week course setting me on the path I am still on today.

Even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time, I made a decision based on where I wanted to be, not where I was.

In that moment I said, I deserve to be successful. I am the one responsible for change. It is time to practice self-care. I cannot do this alone.

Taking that course taught me a little (okay, A LOT) about caring for myself and kindled my desire to be of service to others.

Additionally, it taught me the phenomenal value of the coaching model and solidified my view of the mastermind principle. Over the years, those two precepts have been instrumental in my own success.

One of the best parts of learning new things and increasing one’s own knowledge is having a chance to share it with others. Having experienced coaching firsthand, I understand the life changing effect it can have on an individual. Knowing how much it helped me, I became passionate about sharing this experience.

As such, I invest significant time researching, creating and developing programs to help others … it is my joy. By combining experience and knowledge garnered over the years into step by step systems, I am able to help others tackle life issues, including weight control, head on.

What is a coach?

A Coach:

  • Isn’t part of your history, stories, or your stuff and can be totally objective.
  • Identifies old habits and behaviors blocking your goal achievement.
  • Supports and strategizes solutions for maneuvering complex life issues.
  • Helps you plot a brand new course leading to your desired destination.
  • Reminds you to WOO-HOO your accomplishments celebrating with you.

What makes the coaching model work?

Literally and figuratively, a coach stands on the sidelines viewing unfolding events from a different perspective. They can keep the big picture offering direction and ideas impossible for you to see because you are in the game. A coach has a playbook of tried and true techniques and methods guiding you through life’s ups and downs. Mostly, a coach is there to help you be the best you can be.

Think about it: All successful athletes, teams, executives, musicians, actors, and even writers are aided by coaches. (Yes, even OPRAH has a coach!)

All of us can use a little help to keep our eyes on the prize. Once you make the decision not from where you are, but where you want to be, you don’t have to travel this road alone. Choosing to hire a coach firmly plants your feet on the path to achieving it.

When searching for a coach I recommend finding someone who has been there done that and who has the knowledge to help you understand the path you want to take.

GYTO offers several coaching levels and options for your consideration.

FitCamp is a great way to try out the coaching model and see if this is a good fit for you. There is even a One Week $5.00 Trial Offer (starting 02.02.15).

Whatever you do … get started on your future self today!

NOTE: Officially, FitCamp opens on February 2, 2015. If you were an HTA member, or pre-purchased The First Step, FREE FitCamp access has been granted through the end of January. Simply register at GYTO and we will take care of the rest.

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