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zen-cupA university professor went to visit a famous Zen master. While the master quietly served tea, the professor talked about Zen. The master poured the visitor’s cup to the brim, and then kept pouring. The professor watched the overflowing cup until he could no longer restrain himself. “It’s overfull! No more will go in!” the professor blurted. “You are like this cup,” the master replied, “How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup.” ~ Zen Story

Today is May 1, 2013.

Last week in my newsletter The Biz Buzz, I discussed how I was going to Go Back to the Beginning.

Back to the beginning for me is going back into blogging, my goal will be daily.  I will use Thursday’s as my “recap” for the week, and at that point, send out the newsletter with all that transpired during the week.

Making that decision has felt good.  It feels right.  It has enabled me to once again have the Beginner’s Mind.

What is Beginner’s Mind?

In simple terms it means that we should never feel as if we have something all figured out.  We are works in progress and should always be hungry for more information at every step of this journey we call life.  It’s an insatiable desire to gain more knowledge and wisdom because we know there is so much more to learn.

A couple of months ago I was showing my Mom how to do something on her Mac (yes, she is 90 and has an Mac, geesh), and the look on her face when she learned this new tool was priceless.  And in complete and utter honesty, she looked at me and said “I cannot die yet, I have way too much to learn”.

That sums it up.  Seriously.  That right there people, that is the Beginner’s Mind.

Do we approach each and every round of The hCG Protocol with a Beginner’s Mind?

There have been people that are watching me expand my definition of The Biz Buzz Method, and already are experiencing astounding results, all because they are choosing to look at The hCG Protocol with a Beginner’s Mind.

Every round is different, and what happened on your first round 5 years ago is not what will happen on this round today.  You are different, the world is different.  Go into your next round with a Beginner’s Mind, with all the newness and awe that you had on your very first round, and you will be shocked at the results.

Tips on developing Beginner’s Mind:

  • Believe There Is More to Learn:  There is always something you can learn, even if you are an “expert” at something.  Re-read Pounds and Inches, I am shocked at how much I learn each and every time I read it.  I am actually considering running a weekly recap of the entire book…hmmmm…any interest out there on that?
  • Believe You Need to Know What’s New:   There is a burning desire to always learn, find out what has changed or if there are new things to apply, and that it is imperative that you find it out!
  • Believe That You Can Improve:   Are you there?  Have you arrived?  No such thing.  Everyone can improve in something.  Getting better and better is the name of the game.
  • Believe That You Can Learn from Others:  One word, SUPPORT.  One-on-one, group, mentor, coach, it doesn’t matter, support means that there is always this interchange of encouragement and solutions … isolation doesn’t help a thing!

Have you approached something in your life with a Beginner’s Mind?  Feel like sharing?  Do so in the comment box below.

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