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2008 JeffMeet Jeff, a 47 year old male that has recently lost over 50 pounds in a little over 2 months.  His highest ever recorded weight was 270 and he started The hCG Protocol at that weight on July 14th 2008 – he is self mixing using the suglingual method.  He is using information he obtained by doing research and finding himself on the Happily Thinner After website.

Jeff, when did your weight problems begin?

When I was young – it seemed to have begun when I was in a full leg cast for 13 weeks.  I was in the 2nd grade at the time.

What other so called “diets” have you tried?

All of them!  Atkins, diet pills, Slim-Fast, calorie counting, just cutting back, etc

Did any of these help you to lose weight?

Atkins, and when I was about 20 just cutting back worked, for a bit anyway!  I only managed to keep the weight off for less than a year.

What was your health or condition before starting The hCG Protocol?

I was very unhealthy.  I had high blood pressure, close to being a borderline diabetic and I tired easily.

How about your “mental” health?

All I knew is that I was ready for a change, and I was excited that there was hope.

What made you decide to use The hCG Protocol?

A vendor/friend from work told me about it, and I saw it was working for him.

As a man, did anything scare you about The hCG Protocol?  Were you apprehensive about anything?  If so, how did you get over it?

No. I began to look into HCG and research it, and found nothing that threw up any red flags.

What brought you to the Happily Thinner After website?

My friend recommended it.

Are you following Dr. Simeon’s Protocol, or are you using another plan?

I am following the Dr. Simeon’s plan.

You are using the suglingual method of application for The hCG Protocol.  What made you decide to go with that method of application?

It seemed to be the easiest, I don’t have any objection to needles, but the SL method is a breeze and has been just as effective for me.

What dose are you using?  Did you find you had to adjust your dose to achieve your “sweet spot?”

I am dosing at 250iu per day, I used that from the beginning and it seems to work for me.

Can you give us a breakdown of your rounds and the data to accompany them?

Round 1 – July 14 through August 14 – 30 pounds in 30 completed days
Started R1 at 270 and ended at 240 – a total of 30 lost on protocol!

Round 2 – August 26 through September 25 – 20 pounds in 30 completed days
Started R2 at 240 and ended at 220 – a total of 20 lost on protocol!

Has there been any health improvement since being on protocol?

My blood pressure has dropped big time, my cholesterol (although good) has dropped 65 points, my energy level has increased, I have started doing 1 ½ miles a week on the treadmill, my waistline has gone from a 46 to a 40 – so I would say a vast improvement.

Since dropping 50 pounds my knees also hurt way less than they did before.

I have even started jogging and walking 1 1/2 miles on the treadmill 2 – 3 times a week.

Do you feel that the protocol offers more than just “weight loss?”

I found I used to eat and think I was hungry, but found out I used to eat when I was bored, depressed, and what other reason I could use. I learned after the first round of protocol the difference between when my body was really hungry and mental hunger that just made me think I needed to eat. I find a tall glass of water straight down will curb my minor hunger for about and hour now. My appetite has really shrunk so it is less of an issue then ever before in my life.

Has there been anything that might be considered a “negative” in regards to you using The hCG Protocol?

Minor stuff, but it had to do with my body detoxing, things like head aches or mild flu type achy feeling. Lots of water and some aspirin seemed to do the trick.

So any side effects at all?


Anything strange happen in relation to your body while on either of your rounds?

Just the detoxing I mentioned before.

What tips or tricks did you use to help you with staying on protocol and continuing with your daily life and responsibilities?

When I would cook for the family I would cook ahead of time for me, say like 4 chicken breasts at a time, a whole head of cabbage, etc.  Then the rest is easy, just cook for my kids and then grab my stuff out of the refrigerator and heat it up.  Some of the stuff they will eat (chicken, white fish, veggies, fruit), so for the 26 days it’s not a big deal.

Sometimes I would work late, but I always packed a lunch and dinner.

Have you had to deal with naysayers?

My family was hesitant at first and felt loosing so fast was not healthy, but did come around as they saw I had more energy, was excited and they saw the weight falling off me.

Can you give us an estimate of how many people you have helped “offline” with The hCG Protocol?  And would you have any idea of a figure of how much total weight has been lost with the people you have helped?

A friend of mine just started this past weekend and is off to a good start. I have told dozens of people and have about six of them seriously considering it, but they have not committed to it yet.

What is your goal?

60 – 75 pounds, but I keep rethinking as it’s coming off so easily!

And again, how much have you lost so far?

50 pounds

How important have the forums been to the success of your experience on protocol?

Very important! I have gleaned tons of info from the forum, found answers and support. The support group is the best! Everyone is quick to encourage and support me as I totally change my eating style, habits, and how to maintain. In short, if you are going to get on board with The hCG Protocol, join the forum, it rocks!

Biz starts a new cycle the first Monday of every month.  You can always get more information and an application by clicking here.


As of January of 2010, Jeff has made it to goal.

Jeff says of the support he got using the coaching that is available by Biz at Happily Thinner After:

Biz takes the guess work out of maintenance!

Yes, another believer emerges …

I thought I had the whole process down pat, after all – I was almost a veteran, I had four rounds under my belt. I mean how much thought does this whole thing take when you have come through three rounds with virtually no problems?

Then as I went into the stabilizing phase of my 4th round … I had a hard time and I began to struggle as I realized I was into new territory.

Biz offered to come alongside me and “coach” me through the process. I have to admit that she was spot on with the advice I received, I quickly stabilized and moved into lifetime maintenance and have been able to not only maintain, but to incorporate new recipes, health tips and advice that allows me to keep my focus on a healthy lifestyle.

I receive a daily e-mail that is thought provoking, and challenging. If you are looking for an edge to make sure you keep off what you have worked so hard to lose, “coaching” is the way to go.

Biz is the bomb!

Biz starts a new cycle the first Monday of every month.  You can always get more information and an application by clicking here.

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