hCG Success: Karen-Updated

2013_0717_Karen_UpdateKaren has shared her success earlier here.  This is an update.

I’ve been working with Biz with 1:1 coaching since December 2011.

I’d recently been thinking that it was time for me to head off on my own.  I’ve done this long enough and certainly I know enough to keep losing weight and/or keep my weight in check.

So there you have it.  I emailed Biz and gave her the news.  There was no pleading or begging to stay with her … just “make sure you have some sort of support and accountability in place.”  Again, I’d done this long enough.  I can be accountable to myself.

Ummm … not so much.

It was like the second I sent that email a switch flipped in my brain and suddenly I had free reign to eat whatever I wanted.

I have to say, I didn’t go stark raving mad with eating, but the obvious shift in my thought process was alarming and definitely concerned me.   It only took me a couple of days (and a couple of pounds) to realize I needed an accountability partner.

Family and/or friends don’t always give you the tough love that is needed in this venture.  I get that from Biz.  No drama, no panic, just the support and guidance that is invaluable to my weight loss/weight maintenance journey.

We are responsible for our choices and decisions in life, but Biz has the knowledge to help make those better, informed choices.  Not only does she have the knowledge, but she has the perfect personality of calm and as she says “no panic”.

I’m happy to say I’m back with Biz, and back on track.

I recommend coaching with Biz … take advantage and benefit from her experience and knowledge.  You won’t be sorry.

Biz starts a new cycle the first Monday of any week.  You can always get more information and an application by clicking here.

4 Comments on hCG Success: Karen-Updated

  1. Marcia DesRosiers says:

    My coaching with Biz is invaluable!! I totally agree with Karen.

    • Biz says:


      Clients like ya’ll make it easy!

  2. Joan Meador says:

    I agree with this so much! I would be lost without my interaction with Biz. Not just on diet related issues either, Biz is indispensable to life issues and much more. I couldn’t do without my friendships and support on HTA….a winning combination.

    • Biz says:

      Awwwww shucks Joan, you know how I feel about you! Thanks for the words of encouragement. And I don’t know where I would be without the likes of people like you. Thanks for hanging in with me through thick and thin!

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