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Techniques for getting in the zone differ a little bit depending on whether it’s a team or an individual sport. Nevertheless, there are some core techniques that everyone can use. ~ Aynsley M. Smith

The phrase “In the Zone” is often used when people talk about the skills of pro athletes who make their feats look effortless. It’s also used when people talk about weight loss that seems to happen like magic.

But, what does “being in the zone” mean exactly?

When a person is in the zone, they are in that magical space where the mind and body are in sync. It’s when the body and mind are in tune with each other and things seem to simply fall into place.

With respect to The hCG Protocol, being in the zone is that feeling of euphoria you get from following the steps correctly and then seeing the results either as numbers on a scale or inches on a tape measure. But even more than that, it’s that special something you feel. It’s an inner knowing that with each day that passes, you are accomplishing what used to be out of reach.

Those who are successful with weight loss know that perfection in following any plan is impossible. They realize that there will always be setbacks. But if when you follow a purpose to get past the setbacks you can succeed in dropping the weight and keeping it off.

There’s a difference between having a purpose and having a plan. Here’s an illustration I use with my clients:

Imagine that two men are each preparing to take a trip by car. One man maps out a specific, detailed path to his destination. The other has his destination clearly in mind, but he also knows many alternate routes. He is prepared to adjust his course as necessary to deal with any contingency.

What happens when the two men come upon a roadblock?

Which one is better prepared to deviate from their course and still reach their destination?

Having a specific plan might be compared to mapping out a detailed path. A purpose, on the other hand, may involve having a goal in mind, but not necessarily one specific manner of reaching it.

Do you have a “plan” or a “purpose”? It seems to me that a mapping out a plan that doesn’t prepare you for contingencies could get you derailed and discouraged. But, always holding fast to your purpose will eventually get you to your goals.

Having a “purpose” is being “in the zone.”

When you experience a setback, the first thing you must do is figure out what went wrong. You must ask yourself: “Was it a stressful situation or was I simply unprepared?”

Regardless of the why it happened, figure out the cause, then make peace with it and move on. If you cannot make peace with what has happened, you can never move forward.

I bring this up because there are a slew of people who leave their support group (in this case, I am talking about the Happily Thinner After forums) for quite a while, and later they just pop back in for some reason or another. When they comment about coming back, I see comments like “I felt bad” or “I didn’t know how people would react” or “I hate that this happened.”

It seems that they have not made peace with the situation.

But in my mind, the fact that they came back to the support group shows me that these people have the UMPH to get back in the game. They figured out that that “enough was enough,” and instead of dwelling on the negative, they decided to take action and move forward.

To those of you out there who make the move to come back, my hat is off to you! No more dwelling on what happened. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back to dropping the weight.

To me, that is what being in the zone means. It is realizing there will be setbacks to anything in life. Being in the zone is taking the time to figure out why the setbacks happen, then making peace with it. That’s when you can move forward toward your goals.

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  1. Marcia DesRosiers says:

    I find HTA to be the greatest support group available! I am “In the Zone” when I am following the Biz Buzz Method of weight control!!

    • Biz says:

      WOO HOO

      I love it when I am “In the Zone”, now I need to figure out how to bottle that up and sell it. I would be rich! ::giggle::

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