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marciaI would recommend Biz as a coach to anyone who is interested in making real change in their lives.

I had ideas or maybe just many fleeting thoughts about what “healthy” living is supposed to be but had nothing that was really about me or my best health. I felt overwhelmed with all the choices and opinions out in the world about how to achieve health or what to eat or how to exercise. I was working at a very busy pace, dealing with burnout and not feeling fulfilled or in line with who I really am. I didn’t have the confidence to start my own business or pursue my dreams.

I love the accountability [that Biz offers]. Having daily words of wisdom has been invaluable. The interaction between Biz and I may be just a few sentences or may be quite long and detailed but they are totally on target to address what I need in that moment for that day and situation. Having the option to Skype has been amazing. I am really getting guidance to become who and what I want to become. Biz never “ pushes” me or is harsh with me but she is REAL and nudges, redirects, encourages, makes me be honest, pulls the best out of me and helps me make wise choices.

Something about Biz that makes me smile is her “hug – zing – hug” way of calling me on things when I am not being in line with what I have said I want to be or do. I have found, after working with several other coaches, that Biz is different in that she sees me as a whole person – she always addresses all the facets of my life. She focuses on body, mind and soul. I am a real person to Biz not “ just” a client, she knows me and really cares about me and wants me to be the best I can be – what a great opportunity for me to become the best me ever!

I have really tapped into who I have wanted to become and I am making steps toward being the best me I can be every day. I have learned about health and wellness not just in general but specifically for me personally and what choices are best for my body. I understand what foods are fuel and which foods are poison to my body individually and I have a new healthy relationship with food and my choices. Biz has helped me become not only aware of what is best for my body but she has been instrumental in helping me choose to live in integrity with those things. I am actually healthier than I have been in a long time.

I have learned to say no to things rather than being run over by everyone else. I have better boundaries with friends, family and even acquaintances that in the past would have controlled me. I have learned to listen to my body and to take care of myself without guilt. My marriage has improved in so many ways.

I am working a much less stressful job and no longer dread going to work. I have started a business that was only a dream in the past. I would never have followed through without Biz first hearing that dream in a little tidbits of conversations and “ pulling” it out of me. She not only heard my dream but she helped me discover that I really wanted to do more than dream. I am making daily choices to be present in my business and to pursue my dream and turn it into a reality. I honestly would have given up without the encouragement, wisdom, direction, tips, accountability and love from Biz. I hope someday we can celebrate together on some big stage!

I would recommend Biz as a coach to anyone who is interested in making real change in their lives. Anyone who has an inkling of wanting to be a better version of themselves but doesn’t know how or is too scared to even imagine that it can be done will benefit from spending time with Biz.

Sarasota, FL
Bod Squad Member

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